2018 Conference: At Risk on Campus

The third AAUP NEPA Alliance Best Practices in Higher Education Conference will take place on April 7, 2018, and will be hosted by the AAUP Chapters at Wilkes University and King’s College.

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This year’s conference, “At Risk on Campus,” will bring together faculty for meaningful conversations and interactive panels that address questions related to shared governance, faculty organizing, the importance of transparency of college and university finances. In addition, immigration, Latino identity and higher education, DACA, and Puerto Rico will be a particular focus of the conference.

Speakers include: John Hinshaw, professor of history at Lebanon Valley College and president, Pennsylvania Division, AAUP; Howard Bunsis, professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business and ex-officio chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee of AAUP; David Kociemba, political organizer in the Department of Organizing and Services at the AAUP; Javier Ávila, professor of English at Northampton Community College and Pennsylvania’s 2015 Professor of the Year.